Terms & Conditions


Prize Conditions

Each section’s prize fund is guaranteed as long as we run the section. Numbers may dictate that we merge tournaments. The overall fund will be increased if the total number of adult entrants exceeds 60 players. This will be awarded pro rata to each event based on their numbers.

Ungraded players may only win 1/3 of any prize, in any section except in the OPEN! A graded player will be in the ECF list (Normal or Rapidplay) with a code A to E.

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A deduction of £5 will be made from any refund unless carried forward to a future Castle Chess event. Accommodation booked will have to be paid for unless at least 24 hours notice has been given.

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Late Arrivals

Players will be allowed 30 minutes on their clock, after the scheduled round start time, before being defaulted. Re-pairing will take place if at all possible.

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Entry Conditions

The organisers reserve the right to refuse an entry, without assigning a reason, or to cancel or merge sections.

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Appeals against the Arbiter’s decisions will be resolved by an appeals committee. In all other matters the organiser’s decisions are final.

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A bookstall may be supplied by Tournament Chess Supplies.

Please call 01707 659080 for specific requests.

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